About Us

YouGlo.Co is born and raised in British Columbia. A beauty brand created by two friends and one of their cosmetologist sisters.

At our core is an unmovable belief that good skincare and good self-care go hand in hand in making you feel good, look good and have more confidence. 

Inspired by the love of the great BC outdoors and respectful of the harm our skin absorbs whilst we are outside, working and playing; we have crafted a brand of organic products that aim to replenish and repair your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and glowing. 

So as we now build our brand, we want everything we make to start with you. We want to engage with you to create beauty products you tell us you wish existed and alongside that, we want you to share with us your stories, on what you do to feel and look healthy inside and out.

You + good skin care + good self-care = YouGlo.Co